Thursday, October 7, 2010


WADALA, OCTOBER 7, 2010: On September 30, 2010 at 11’o clock, approximately thirty-four stakeholders assembled to attend the meeting at Shelter premise. This meeting was organized by shelter node. The main objective of this meeting was to sensitize them about the grim conditions and sad realities of street life. Also they were made aware how they will help and place better condition emerging from their disastrous and melancholy life.

Meeting started with the brief introduction about Shelter and Homelink by Ms. Sonal, followed with the icebreaker session, along with magic conducted by Fr. Roger showing the different nations how to build up unity amongst each other with solidarity. Fr. Roger who is currently working as a hub director for Mumbai hub left the stakeholders with the impression that even on the street whilst working, how marvelously they can help to alleviate their excruciating situations. Fr. William Falcao, the director of Shelter Don Bosco, boosted the energy through the motivational speech.

The movie on ‘Street Life’ was shown to portray that they did not care, however, with the great audacity chose their last destination was none other, but only the dreadful street life.

Through power point presentation, stakeholders made aware about different types of children like, orphan, semi orphan, street children, who are affected by HIV and other ailments, and street children are deprived of food, education, shelter, medication, clothing, entertainments, and thus lead isolated life.

Stakeholders wholeheartedly assured to see the street children transformed their life and illuminate them, and live a quality life. They promised to help shelter by referring and informing street children.

The meeting ended with the token of appreciation from the management. Heartily thanks to Gracy didi and her co-ordinated team who put sincere efforts to motivate stakeholders to attend the meeting. Br. Anthony is also thanked for his kind support by providing technical support during the meeting.

Somebody has rightly said that ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’

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