Thursday, October 7, 2010


Dhruv Patel
WADALA, OCTOBER 7, 2010: The leaders of St. Joseph high school of standards VIII, IX and X attended a leadership camp specially conducted for them at Don Bosco, Lonavla, on October 1 & October 2, 2010. This camp was organized to hone and develop the qualities of leadership in our school leaders.
The first session of the camp was conducted by Fr. Edison Fernandes sdb. Fr. Edison began his session by inter-relating the qualities of our leaders to those of various animals. This helped them identify and understand their own characteristics through the animals they chose. He guided the participants in determining their attitude towards leadership by evaluating their write-ups which were based on a given picture. Br. Leon, who conducted the next session, focused on the ability of our leaders to cope in a crisis situation. He stressed the importance of co-operation and co-ordination when leading other people. The final part of the programme was animated by Sr. Caroline D’Souza fma, who made the boys aware of their surroundings. Sr. Caroline drew out from the participants the need to respect and take care of the environment as ‘that is the mark of a good leader’!
At the end of the enriching program, the head boy, Harsh Visaria, thanked all who played a part in the smooth organization of the camp. This was indeed a rewarding and enlightening experience for the leaders who learnt some valuable lessons of life.

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