Thursday, October 7, 2010


NERUL, OCTOBER 7, 2010: The programme began with an introductory speech by the anchor, the judges were welcomed with a floral tribute and they did the honor of lighting the Lamp.

The first part of the programme was the Group Dance Competition which consisted of four groups i.e. Group A (Class I and II), Group B (Class III and IV), Group C (Class V and VI) and Group D (Class VII and VIII). These groups were further divided into four houses, a total of sixteen performances. The dances were beautifully presented with their colourful attire and graceful performance.

The second part of the programme was the Solo Instrumental music competition. The participants melodiously played various instruments like the casio, tabla and guitar. It was an opportunity for the students to display their talents.

The third part of the programme was Solo singing competition where again the children got a golden opportunity to showcase their performances and the last and final part of the programme was the group singing competition. This competition also comprised of sixteen groups of various houses. It gave an opportunity for maximum students to come on stage and be a part of the group singing competition. For each competition different judges were invited and the judges were asked to address the students with their encouraging words.

There was an atmosphere of music and dance the entire day in our school premises because of our cultural day programme. Thanks to our teachers and students for making this programme a huge success. The school benefitted by getting a chance to discover hidden talents of students.

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