Thursday, October 7, 2010


Bosco Pereira sdb

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 7, 2010: Everybody wants to be powerful or to be known as the Power Brand. Be it wealth, knowledge, status or spaces. Being a topper in 'class' or 'caste' or on the sports field creates an impression. We are the 'best' or I am the 'only one', is our proud power expression and one makes sure that everyone knows about it... It is in all creatures big and small when we lose sight of the bright and beautiful. From the ant to the elephant, from David to Goliath, from the first world to the third world and no world! From ITI to DBIT and all that DBCL stands for or encompasses or empowers, not excluding our PhDs and men n Blue - BUT....
It is another thought patter, the last, the least, the weak, the outcaste, the sinner will be first. The 'child' in the kingdom of God will be the greatest.
Hell not as in fire, but 'hell of a life.' which burns the individual not into ashes but restlessness, high blood pressure, sleepless nights, anxious angry days and finally the 'heart' attack which may bring you back to your senses. But then, there may be no life left in this worn out body, mind and spirit. The wake-up call would be a little too late.
May advice is "now, before it is too late, is the time for every good news."
Take it easy, there is Power in Simplicity. Be with Nature, the birds, the bees, all creatures great and small. There is beauty in creation. It's in every breath you take. Care for your soul space. There is power in the Unknown, the Ordinary and the Simple. "Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart."

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