Thursday, October 7, 2010


Bosco Pereira sdb
MUMBAI, OCTOBER 7, 2010: From the 'womb to the tomb' and the growing up process is endless. From crawling to walking and school begins. KG to Std X and there is the junior college. At each step ahead there is a movement going 'Beyond Borders'.
To go ahead one has to cross the 'old' to move to the 'new'. There is a continuous process of change. Leaving the old is painful because that which is familiar is also comfortable. The comfort of the womb, the home and friends gives one safety and security. The unknown brings in fear and discomfort. The uncertainties are beyond comprehension. order to grow, crossing borders is a must.
While you are focused on your computer screens just take your eyes off. You enter another world, a space that is beyond your boundaries. That emptiness is more real than the 'box'. But once you look inside your self, the soul space, then discoveries begin to happen. Living life 'Outside in' is good but living life 'Inside Out' is REAL.
Keep moving beyond your borders. This is called Self Engineering.
Cutting off cords is the need of the hour. Physical, mental, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual. Any cord that ties you down or grounds you to be attached to the source of birth does have life. Get detached to grow.
There is new life in every Border you cross. Movements beyond Borders create Life.
Leave your base. It's B.E. to BEing. Move out of DBCL to find your own source

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