Thursday, October 14, 2010


BIS Correspondent

WADALA, OCTOBER 14, 2010: The tiny tots of St. Joseph's trotted across to the nearby Peek-A-Boo Nursery to visit the nursery's annual project. The show this year was called "Farmer's Paradise". The children were treated to a variety of presentations on farm animals. They gleefully walked through beautifully decorated stalls with large cut-outs of farm animals and plants, each depicting a section of a farm.
The children were given a beautiful explanation of the farm practices. Moreover, they enjoyed beautiful visuals on farms in the AV room. A special attraction was the interactive and educative puppet show in which farmer Donald through his simple display of concern for nature and people made 'Bob, the Builder' realize that destroying a farm for constructing buildings was not a good idea. The highlight of the visit was the chance to actually see and touch a few livestock - a horse, a calf, a goat and some hens. That the children enjoyed the visit is an understatement. The teachers and parents who accompanied them found it difficult to tear the children away from the 'farm' to return to school

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