Monday, October 18, 2010


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, OCTOBER 18, 2010: Let them know that they are Loved is the message given by Don Bosco and also by Mr. Gaikwad (Superintendent) our resource person for the day from CWC Mankhurd. Shelter Don Bosco organized a Foster Care Awareness Program for the boys, staff of Shelter and some interested parents on October 16, 2010.

Foster Care is a scheme made available in 1975 by the Women and Child Welfare Committee for children from zero to eighteen years. Any child who is an orphan, displaced, and abandoned or in need of care and protection can access this scheme through CWC procedures. The Government will support the organization and the family with finances for this project. If both the child and the family are willing to stay together, further follow up is done by the Organization. Trust is the basic root for foster care. The child should be prepared and should trust the family before he is placed therein for foster care. An entire detailed history of the family is required & the family should be declared fit by CWC procedures. The absence of Family Love in a child’s Life can be fulfilled by this project.

Shelter Boys enthusiastically came forward with queries. And Mr. Gaikwad gave impressive replies with a lot of prudence.

Lets ‘foster’ these children by implementing this scheme by creating awareness among our supporters who would give them love, care and protection.

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