Monday, October 18, 2010


Cl. Justus Mendis sdb

NARUKOT, OCTOBER 18, 2010: On October 14 at 5.30pm the Don Bosco Narukot School organized a grand tournament for its Taluka brethren. More than five hundred young people had occupied the grounds. This was a moment of knowing each other, meeting our past pupils, meeting the parents of the school and technical students, village people and largely our oratory boys and girls which came in the ten to twenty years of age group .

Cl. Placidus the main organizer of this gathering had this gathering mainly for the contribution of the scout’s fund. Gradually, even technical too helped in this project. The making of the grand stage for the live singers, having bright light systems and melodious music system made this event better than any Garba’s of the taluka. The youth enjoyed to the fullest. The programme started with the Aarti service of the goddess Durga and then the Garba competition. The eminent judges were appointed from our staff who themselves are dancers. Their impartial judging to our boys was seen at the declaration of the results. The live singing group was called by Fr. Brian with a great effort. After the competition, the dance floor was opened for any groups to dance. And then came a swarm of people occupying the dance floor with their pure, distilled Gujrati effects. The whole Don Bosco family counting from the Rector himself, the brothers, the students and the staff of the various departments were seen getting totally intoxicated at the Garba and Timli beats with their own taluka people. This went on till 9.30pm with even more crowd adding to the programme. The prize distribution ceremony awarded the best singers and dancers as per their performance.

All participants were thanked and a special thanks was given to Bro. Damodar for their beautiful stage and powerful lights; Fr. Brian for the excellent sound system, Fr. Jerome for his co-ordination and Fr. Stanny Ferriera for his affirmative support and fatherly presence. The moment was memorable and there is a high demand to have it once again. The youth themselves together with their parents have promised to come in a much larger numbers for such a grand fest. Coming together of the Salesian family in such a cultural way was appreciated by all the community members. The Salesians seen the large effect of their daily village work in such a speck of an event.

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Happy Navratri to all..May this navratri bring happiness and Prosperity to all..Thanks for sharing.