Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Kailash Parekh
MATUNGA, OCTOBER 19, 2010: Don Bosco Alumni Matunga Unit organized a grand and splendid ‘Bosco’s Raas Garba 2010’ on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 7.30 pm onwards till midnight. The event was to celebrate the Navratri festival ending with Dusshera on Sunday.
Being the penultimate day of this glorious festival, there was a huge turnout of revelers (nearly 4500) which made the event a grand success. The participants were dressed in traditional finery and the theme was to enjoy in a smoke free and alcohol free atmosphere. This was the fourth year in succession; the Alumni committee had organized such a successful Dandiya Raas Garba.

Mr. Kailash Parekh (Secretary of DBAMU) says, “We invited eighty children from Don Bosco Shelter - Wadala to participate in this Dandiya Raas Garba thus helping create cheerful memories to cherish.
Revelers from all communities joined the celebrations with equal vigor and enthusiasm bringing forward the cause of unity for peace, love and harmony in the world.”
The ready participation from all the communities gave quite a fascinating and colourful dimension to the event. Different communities had different variations of Garba and the heady mix of jubilation and enthusiasm was all-pervasive. “We are happy that our motto ‘Know, love, help one another and keep united - St. John Bosco’ was rightly lived”, states Mr. Jayesh T. Chandan (President of DBAMU).
The crowd was in fervor of the event and played Garba amidst surprise celebrity guests and noted personalities viz Mr. Piyush Goyal (MP – Rajya Sabha), who is also a past pupil of this school, Mr. Kirit Somaiya, leading models chorographers, Singers, Designers, etc…
Prizes were distributed for the best in various categories including the best traditionally dressed emphasizing the point that enjoyment need not be associated with western outfits.
Leading corporate houses & retails chains including various private & public sector banks supported the event by sponsoring.
Thanking all the other Office bearers and the Bosco Raas Garba Committee Members who have helped to make this celebration a great success.

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