Tuesday, October 19, 2010


BIS Correspondent

WADALA, OCTOBER 19, 2010: Shelter Don Bosco Inaugurated Don Bosco Medical Counseling centre at Dadar Gala No 7. A Centre which will be open to any street youth or child in case of emergency for medical needs. The centre will function for two hours a day facilitated with first aid facilities and further medical referrals and treatments by a professional nurse, shelter medical incharge and outreach workers.

The medial centre was inaugurated by Mr.Sampat, Mrs. Shubhangi (nurse) along with the children of shelter don Bosco. The Centre is under construction and will soon start in a month’s time. The Street Boys will be made aware of the new centre by our outreach workers. Shelter initiates to bring in medical camps, awareness programs, followup treatments, doctors, counselors and volunteers to bring more facilities to the underprivileged. The medicines provided will in turn help us save lives of these vulnerable youth and help them take precautions before their illnesses turn dreadful.

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