Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Jennifer D’Souza
BORIVALI, OCTOBER 27, 2010: The Family cell of Don Bosco’s, Borivali organized a seminar for parents on the topic, “Dealing with children in their teenage years”. The seminar was animated by Mrs. Geeta Menezes and Mrs. Isabelle Martin. They are our parishioners and also parents of teenagers.  Moreover they have successfully completed their course on Training in Family Animation (TFA).

Our animators used different means of communication to highlight the importance of parents in the holistic development of their children.  The session began with a role play; there was an input session with the help of a power point presentation and then a few case studies from real life.   The case studies helped to make the session more interactive with participants identifying with the case presented and giving their views and suggestions. A handout with practical tips was given to the parents.

Fr. Ronnie concluded the session expressing his thanks to Mrs. Geeta and Isabelle who shared not only what they had learnt at the TFA but also from their own experience as parents. The session concluded with the hymn, “Living waters flow on”.

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