Friday, October 29, 2010


Geeta Menezes
BORIVLI, OCTOBER 29, 2010: The Salesian Cooperators, this year, undertook a project of teaching English to the boys of Bosco Boys Home for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening from Monday to Friday. In the evening classes, the Cooperators also taught the boys Catechism besides English. The Cooperators undertook this task with firm commitment and dedication right from the time of commencement in mid July to the end of September. The unfortunate passing away of Mrs Valentine Pinto, one of the Cooperators who taught the boys in the morning, saddened us terribly but we soldiered on.

On September 25, Fr Santarita, Rector of Bosco Boys Home, with the help of Brother Richard and all the boys at Bosco Boys Home, organized a farewell function for all the teachers who taught the boys. All the boys and teachers assembled in the hall and the function commenced at 9.30 a.m. with Brother Richard giving a brief talk that the boys wanted to express their gratitude to the teachers.

A group of five boys set the ball rolling with their melodious rendition of the popular, soulful, ABBA number, ‘I have a dream’. It reflected the dreams and aspirations of each and every boy there that they would overcome and triumph one day. As the dying notes of the song sounded, it was our fervent hope that these boys would push through the darkness, cross every stream and achieve their dreams. Next, another group of boys performed a song and dance item. After this short but sweet entertainment programme, the boys presented each teacher with a floral bouquet. Father Santarita then addressed the gathering and thanked the teachers. All the boys then stood facing us in three rows and sang a song, “Thank you”, and the words of which were simple, beautiful and very touching. The teachers along with Fr Santarita and all the boys posed for photographs. The boys met the teachers individually and thanked us profusely for our efforts of coming and teaching them.

We teachers were grateful because teaching the boys brought to us a sense of fulfillment and reward. Life is all about advent. As the season of advent approaches, with joyful hearts, we pray to God for guidance that we may be His voice or His face in every moment.

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