Thursday, November 11, 2010


NASHIK, NOVEMBER 11, 2010: As our Hindu brethren celebrate the Festival of Diwali, our Parish of Don Bosco Nashik held an Indian Rite Mass. The whole ambient was decorated with flowers and Deepas (lights). As the congregation gathered a Tilakam was put on each one’s forehead by Tanamaya Novices; light Indian Sitar Music created a spiritual atmosphere; one could feel and experience God in every inhale and exhale.
The Indian Rite Mass consisted of: i) reception and welcome; ii) five-fold reconciliation or purification (Jala Shuddhi, Sthala Shuddhi, Dehatma Shuddhi, Janaloka Shuddhi and Purna Shuddhi); iii) Lighting of the lamp and receiving of Christ the light; iv) Liturgy of the Word (homage to the Bible, the readings and the Homily); v) Liturgy of the Eucharist (preparation of the gifts, Eucharistic Prayer); vi) Communion Rite (receiving communion, Manasa Puja).
The main celebrant was our Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Falcao, who spoke on the significance of Deepavali. He spoke of the six days of Deepavali: Govatsa Dvadashi, Dhanatrayodashi, Narakachaturdashi, Lakshmi-Pujan, Balipratipada, Bhaubija. He highlighted the significance of each day and from significance he drew something relevant for our lives. The STI Novices sang beautifully the Indian hymns. Grateful thanks to Don Bosco House Brothers, the sacristan Mr. John Borde, the youth and all the volunteers who helped in the preparation and the execution of the whole Indian Rite Ceremony. The Brothers of Divyadaan, the STI Novices, the Sisters of the various Convents and the Parishioners both from Don Bosco and Dominic Savio Satpur were of the opinion that they were really able to concentrate and pray effectively. After the Indian Rite Mass all present shared some Deepavali sweets.

May every Deepa of this Deepavali Season remind us of lighting the Deepas of personal and social change! Happy Deepavali to one and all.

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