Saturday, January 29, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, JANUARY 29, 2011: Bosco Wadi located at Gorai Beach, Sawant Wadi, has always been a picnic spot for all those who wanted to spend time, but now Bosco Wadi has not been the same. A lot of development has taken place with the initiative taken by Fr. Anthony Santarita and his team. On January 26, 2011 for the first time a one day Spirituality Outreach Programme was organized for Shanti Daan Hindi Prayer Group under the guidance of Fr. Bastin Thomas.

Samson D’souza the prayer group leader along with eighty people reached Bosco Wadi at 9.00 am. He was astonished to see the new look of the place. Everyone was surprised to see the new swimming pool under construction and appreciated the work that was going on.

They started the day with breakfast, followed by a rosary at the new grotto which is just next to the pool. Immediately after the rosary a forty five minutes praise and worship was conducted by Br. Christopher and his music ministry from Goari church. After the praise and worship we had a few talks by Joseph from Amboli on getting to the root cause of the problem, Fr. Bastin on the Healing of Family Tree, and by Br. Samson on Commitment to the word of God.

A sumptuous lunch was prepared for all, after lunch was a time of Confession and Counseling which followed by the Eucharistic service by Fr. Bastin Thomas. The entire programme went on till 5.30 pm. In the vote of thanks Br. Samson thanked Fr. Bastin for arranging the programme and also Fr. Anthony Santarita for opening the doors of Bosco Wadi to have spiritual programs like these.

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