Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Fr. William Falcao sdb
MUMBAI, WADALA, APRIL 18, 2011: Shelter Don Bosco today, on April 18, 2011, inaugurated the English Summer camp with Fr. Stanny and Fr. Briston as chief guests. After a small briefing about the timetable of the activities and classes of the camp by Eustace and Elias, the Fathers officially started the Summer Camp by cutting a ribbon.

In accordance with tradition, shelter wants to enhance the spoken English skills of its boys by conducting an English Summer Camp and also focus on the personality development of the boys. This camp should lead the boys to overcome the fear of speaking English and turning them into confident citizens with good job opportunities.

Fr.Stanny and Fr. Ferreira motivated the boys by citing many examples of the boys who enhanced their job opportunities by learning English and told them that the natural way of learning a language was by speaking it all the time. Fr. Briston Britto told them that English is an international language and by learning it would open a global window in their life.

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