Monday, May 9, 2011


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, MAY 9, 2011: The Viacom communication Ltd. Celebrated their community day with the shelter boys and the staff at Viacom, Parel. It was a two day event with a lot of fun and frolic. This was a move to join hands together for the better development of the marginalized.

Viacom began their celebration with Shelter five days in advance by painting the hall. On May 5, 2011, in the evening the boys were invited to take up the challenge in a box cricket with the staff of Viacom. Fourteen boys of Shelter formed two teams. After the matches the boys enjoyed themselves dancing for almost an hour.

On May 6, the Shelter staff and boys visited Viacom to participate their community day. It began with a briefing of the various departments especially with the audition and shooting departments. The Shelter boys entertained the Viacom staff with their sher-shairi, dances, jokes, songs etc. A documentary on the life of the street boys and life in the shelter was screened to make the staff aware of their lifestyle. Two of our shelter volunteers shared their experiences at the shelter. The boys tuned themselves to the DJ music for almost two hours.

The Rector thanked the management and the staff of Viacom for having given the boys such a wonderful time in their own campus. It was a day filled with grace and generosity for the shelter boys. As the boys left, each of them were given a school bag, T-shirts, drawing books, colors etc. They also provided shelter with indoor and outdoor games along with a T.V set.

On the whole the Shelter boys enjoyed themselves very much. The Viacom Community decided to help in the education of boys, take part in volunteering and to help the boys in job placement. This was the start of Shelter – Viacom relationship for the betterment of the marginalized boys.

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