Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Verushka Rebello
KUWAIT, JULY 6, 2011:
For years the Theresian Summer Club at St. Theresa’s parish, Kuwait, has been bringing buckets of smiles to the children’s faces. On July 1, 2011, it was that time again. Volunteers were all geared up to begin the fun filled day. To declare the summer club open we had the cutting of the ribbon ceremony by our very own Parish Priest. There was a severe dust storm, but this did not keep the children at home. Two hundred and sixty children of age groups ranging from four to eighteen years old as well as fifty energetic volunteers cheered on and immediately moved on to the hearty action songs lead by a group of talented musicians. After keeping their feet busy the children celebrating their birthdays were invited to come forward, ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung in chorus and cards were given to them.
The children were then divided according to age wise and sent to their respective classroom. The volunteers brainstormed on the activities that would follow in the coming weeks and also encouraged the children to participate in the coming Talent Shows. The kids later enjoyed an impromptu outdoor game. Snack packs were given to the kids and then they dispersed back to their classrooms. To conclude the day the kids and volunteers danced to some more tunes of the action songs.
In this part of the world, summer holidays begin when schools in India reopen. In addition to this, Friday is a public holiday. The summer club in our parish is organized on all the Fridays of July and August, from 9 am – 12.30 pm. All in all a fantastic start to the many more exciting weeks to come.

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