Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Akshay Wasan
WADALA, SEPTEMBER 27, 2011: The second session of the GreenLine project conducted by the GreenLine team during this scholastic year was held on September 23. Fr. Savio Silveira and his team were here ,this time to take stock of the new and recent developments in the Project initiated by them, and also to give their valuable inputs to better the environment. Our teachers, Ms. Padmini, Ms. Pavita and Ms. Sunita, along with the students – and computer software expertise from Mr. Bosco – made elaborate preparations for this exercise.

During the reporting session, Ms. Padmini began with the address, explaining the procedures and tools used to prepare the report.  The students Vignesh Swamy, Jay Chedda, Wilfred Donakanty and the head boy Rishabh Deshpande presented the reports of the school's participation and involvement in the GreenLine project.  Fr. Silveira congratulated the staff and students of St. Joseph’s for their tremendous efforts to help carry out a successful audit waste report on the school campus through waste segregation. 

In the power point presentation on Waste Management that followed, Fr. Silveira and Ms. Lyra got the students to participate actively through some relevant and practical inputs.  The students were made to realize the deeper implications and the importance of the Waste Management Pyramid whose bottom layers contained the words Dispose and Treat, while Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover made up the top most layers in that order.  While the present focus was on disposal, and to some extent treat, recover and reuse, the ideal was to AVOID waste. Also in the course of the session, the leaders were given some options and suggestions to segregate waste in the future as also the importance and functions of the compost pit. 

Fr. Silveira and his team proved to be a source of great inspiration to our students and leaders. As they took our leave, they left us a small gift (a neat bird house and bird feeder) – a reminder that we need to nurture nature and care for the environment every moment!

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