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Cl. Rudolf D'souza

LONAVLA, JUNE 12, 2012: The teachers of Don Bosco, Lonavala, began the academic year 2012-2013 with an orientation programme on Teachers' Effectivity Training or TET in short. The resource person for the programme was Mrs. Nalini Raj, a former teacher with a teaching experience of thirty two years behind her. Mrs. Raj set the perspective on the aspect of teachers being one family. Through the vast treasuries of her own experience as a teacher, parent and now grandparent, Mrs. Raj helped the teachers understand the importance of having the right attitude towards children. She encouraged teachers to focus on the good qualities of children and in going the extra mile by getting to know each child personally through personal time spent with them or even visitingeach child's home if possible.

A teacher, according to Mrs. Raj, is a LEARNER. It is recognizing this important quality that makes a world of difference in the process of teaching. Teaching is a call, a vocation and those who teach need to reach out to each. Through sharing events and incidents where they learnt something from students, the teachers recognized the power of developing values through practise, love and motivation. Another exercise involved role play where teachers acted out incidents in groups to portray values which were developed in a classroom situation or lacking otherwise. At the end of it all, Mrs. Raj distributed postcards of Don Bosco and invited all to write down any three values that the teachers would commit themselves to learn from students.

It was an enriching four hour session with loads of good learning and motivational thoughts to pep up teachers at the beginning of a new academic year. The teachers were very grateful and Mrs. Nalini Raj, too, appreciated and acknowledged the vibrancy and commitment of the group. This program will definitely strengthen the sacred teacher-pupil relationship the way Don Bosco wanted it to be.


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