Saturday, August 4, 2012


Team of Catechist
VIRAR  AUGUST 4, 2012 :  The first orientation session for the year 2012-13 for catechist was held on July, 2012 from 11.00 am to       12.30 p.m at the Resurrection church hall, Virar (e).
The teachers were privileged to have Fr. Glenford Lowe as the resource person.  The session began with a reflection on God’s Grace, the song “Amazing Grace” being projected on the screen led the teachers into preparing themselves to receive with eagerness the wisdom that was to be showered through Fr. Glen.
 In complete refinement Fr. Glen highlighted the importance of God’s Grace, to seek and trust the word of God even in our incompleteness. The task of each teacher chosen to deliver and spread the Good news was not only challenging, but demanded fixing our goals and focusing our core at JESUS, using various skills in the teaching methods, with dedication and perfect Passion, in order to be truly Fruitful.
Six systematic points were meaningfully explained and highlighted, which would not only be helpful to cater and attain the desired Goal but also be useful in evaluating oneself to be focus on the right track.
The whole complex theme of the (one and half hour) session was not only simplified but also carefully designed, proving profoundly meaningful.
The session concluded with a vote of thanks and with an understanding that this was just the beginning of a greater journey to be continued, being enriched by GOD’s abundant gift bestowed through Fr. Glen.

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