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Mrs. Renita D'souza


BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 04, 2012 :  On a rainy day in the month of August 2012, the Jr. KG children and teachers of Don Bosco High School Borivli were bustling with energy.  There was a fun filled day in store for them.

Bearing in mind the theme of the month “Fruits and Vegetables” a few parents in collaboration with the teachers from each division got together and prepared a day long list of activities to emphasize the importance of healthy food in our lives i.e. fruits and vegetables.

The day begun with a puppet  show.  The character in the puppet show Roby was made to understand by doctor Molly the importance and the health benefits of fruits. To emphasize the importance of vegetables a tailor made slide show with the jungle book character Mowgli was introduced to the children. The glee on their faces was priceless when they saw Roby and Mowgli (their favourite cartoon characters) eating as well as enjoying their fruits and vegetables respectively.

Parents then demonstrated to the children the health benefits of fruits and vegetables and the variety in which one can eat them namely juices, fruit salad, milk shakes, sandwiches, canapes etc.  This ninety minute event was interspersed with rhymes and action songs hence making it interactive and enjoyable for the children.  At the end I bet the children surely understood the importance of healthy food.

More was yet in store…post the fun filled event the children were served a variety of fruit and vegetable options in their respective classrooms i.e. juice, fruit salad, vegetable canapes, sandwiches etc.  “Yummy”, “Delicious”, “I like it teacher”, “, “I want more”,  were some of the responses heard from the children. Coming from 4 year olds this in itself was surely a win for all the parents involved in making this event a huge success.

Kudos  to the staff and management at Don Bosco for having taken this initiative to organize this event and to the parents who selflessly volunteered to be a part of this event. In today’s day and age where healthy food needs to be an emphasis I am sure this day will long be remembered by the children and in small ways will help them incorporate healthy eating habits.



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