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Dr. Sarika Kulkarni

DBCL, KURLA,SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 :   Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL), Kurla Mumbai in association with DBTech India organized a one day symposium titled ‘Skilling India’ on August 24, 2012 at the spacious Mondini Hall on the DBCL, Kurla campus. 


The objective of the symposium was to bring all stakeholders associated with vocational training and skilling organizations on a common platform so as to brainstorm and arrive at concrete measures which will be in unison with the needs of the diverse regions of our country.


The symposium attracted forty five Salesians of Don Bosco from all regions of the country extending from North to the South, East to the West and the North-East that plays a very prominent role on the Salesian map within India. 


Fr. Adolph Furtado the Rector of DBCL welcomed the speaker Shri Dilip Chenoy and all the participants and he wished the program success. He spoke about the challenges that our country faces and how programs like these were needed to bring everybody together and take collective action.  Father A. M. Jose Executive Director of DBTech India delivered the opening address.


Mr. Dilip Chenoy, CEO of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) elaborated on the functions of NSDC and its present role in skilling India as well as how it intends to chart out a dominant role in the country’s future. The discourse brought about a volley of questions from participants seeking answers about the participation of industry in the management of funds.


Mr. Parigi, Regional Coordinator of Modular Employable Skills (MES) program dwelt on how the entire organizational process has been planned to be brought online thereby facilitating exchange of data and knowledge as well as speedy redressal of issues confronting organizations. The participants raised issues that affected their operational domain.


A presentation by Tata Motors on their much coveted Driver Training Program which forms a part of the company’s corporate social responsibility was very well received with participants showing an inclination to offer these programs at their centres. A strong contingent of four from Tata Motors made an impact on the presentation.


Food for the mind had to be followed by food for the body which was very well taken care of by the Department of Hospitality Studies of Don Bosco College on the six acre aesthetic and eco-friendly DBCL, Kurla Campus.

The post-lunch session saw Fr. A. M. Jose, Executive Director of DBTech presenting the strategy for DB Tech India. He focused on targets that would need to be taken up in the next few years. He further announced DBTech India receiving its approval from NSDC as their partner and how this prestigious collaboration would help DBTech in their endeavors.

The participants were then hooked to a brainstorming mode requiring answers to three specific questions.


1) What should we do given the magnitude of the situation?

2) How should we fulfill the commitment of training over 2 lakh youth in the  next 10 years that NSDC has given us?

3) What challenges would we face in fulfilling these targets?


Fr. George and Fr. Johnson respectively proposed the Vote of Thanks at the culmination of the pre and post-lunch sessions.


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