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BIS # 3432 ORATORY DAY 2013

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BIS Correspondent


KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, MARCH 08, 2013: Don Bosco Kapadvanj celebrated the Oratory day on March 03, 2013 for the children of our oratories.


About two hundred children were present for the oratory day from our ten villages. The children began arriving at 10.30 am and were welcomed by the aspirants who were waiting for their arrival.


They were immediately divided into groups for games. The children enjoyed playing the different types of games like blind throw ball, bucket ball, square ball etc. It was a lightening tournament and so the children went around playing, experiencing and enjoying different games.


In the afternoon after the group games all the children were served lunch. Coupons were then distributed so that they could participate in the fete games. They were thrilled experiencing and winning the games that were organized for them.


The Programme began at 03:00 pm in the afternoon the chief guest for the programme was Dr. Haresh Kundaliya. Fr Alex welcomed him in our midst and thanked him on behalf of the entire assembly. The annual oratory report was read by Vishal Macwan expressing all that was done in the oratories during scholastic year 2012- 2013. Next each oratory came forward with their presentations on moral and cultural themes.


Before the end of the programme there was the distribution of prizes to the best child from each of the oratories. Our Chief guest Dr. Haresh Kundaliya distributed the prizes to all our oratory children. After the distribution of the prizes Dr. Haresh Kundaliya gave a small talk to the oratory children who were present. He encouraged the children to soar high like the eagle and always have a good vision what lies ahead of them. The children listened with rapt attention.


As the boys went home they were presented with prizes which they had won during the fete games along with a packet of snacks. Before the children went they thanked the aspirants for all the hard work they had put in during the year. The children went home with a smile on their faces looking forward to the coming scholastic year. It was a year of learning not only for the children but also for the aspirants.





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