Wednesday, November 27, 2013


by Mrs. Muriel Fernandes

JUHU-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 27, 2013: Mumbai City Finals of CL Young India Challenge was held on 30th October, 2013, at AJIVASAN Hall, Juhu. 55 schools participated with 2 teams per schools making 200+ students attending the competition from various leading schools across Mumbai.

The first round consisted of 30 questions, out of the 110 teams top 6 were selected for the city finals [2nd round]. The students of Don Bosco Nerul, Mst. Bharathkumar and Mst. Nikhil Murdeshwar who were teamed up, made us proud by flashing our School's Name in the 5th top most scorers for the city finals. They won a trophy and scholarship certificates from CL YOUNG INDIA CHALLENGE.

The general knowledge quiz questions were taken from a wide range of subjects ranging from History-Geography to Sports, Science & Mathematics to Music & Art, Politics to current affairs.

Mr. Joy Bhattacharya, sports manager and a very well- known face in the sports entertainment industry, currently the CEO of the Kolkata Knight Riders was the QUIZ MASTER. He enlightened us not only with the knowledge bank but also with lots of cricket facts.

Though the school couldn't make it for the 'Regional Final Round', as only top 2 teams were to be qualified for the 3rd round, it was indeed 'A Knowledge Tour'  & a great exposure for Mst. Bharathkumar,  Mst. Nikhil Murdeshwar,  Ms. Vedika Vaity, and Mst. Harsh Agrawal, who were accompanied by Tr. Muriel Fernandes. They returned with fond memories of a brief personal interaction with the Great Quiz Master 'Joy Bhattacharya'.

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