Wednesday, May 6, 2015


by Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, sdb

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, 6 MAY, 2015: 25 students from all over Mumbai gradually transformed into well-groomed individuals under the expert guidance of RJ Bosco Rodrigues, a well known personality on FM Rainbow Mumbai. In order to create confident young adults, Tej-Prasarini - Don Bosco Communications, organized a Personality Development and Public Speaking Workshop from the 16th to the 30th of April, 2015 at Don Bosco Communications Centre, Matunga. Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, the Director of Tej-Prasarini gave the students a warm welcome and set the course in motion.
The main areas that RJ Bosco worked on were  presentation skills, etiquette, vocal exercises, voice culture, reading skills, enhancing one's personality, relating to an audience and helped them explore their hidden talents. Several fun exercises brought out their creative skills. Bosco explained how seemingly insignificant things can make a sizeable difference. A poem 'Mother's Love' was the effort of the creativity of the entire class. A debate between the boys and girls brought out sensitive topics like communication, materialism and the dowry system. He advised them that, as future citizens of the country, they had to fight for what was right and help the less fortunate. Through personal examples Bosco emphasized that dreams had the power to give purpose to life. "A family that eats together stays together", "He who hesitates is lost!" were some of his golden words of wisdom.
His constant encouragement, suggestions and individual attention brought about a vast improvement in each participant. An immense change was seen in Shelly Mehta, a shy girl who came out of her shell. Charvee Sheth took painstaking efforts to improve her vocabulary and pronunciations and bloomed into a confident individual. After the cupboard cleaning exercise, Raunaq Samar's astonished mother asked him whether he had come from another planet. At feedback time, the baby of the group, Aster Gonsalves giggled, "I really enjoyed the days when we had to come in our picnic and formal wear." Neha Dhembre said, "I liked the way the professor demonstrated table manners by actually making us eat at the table in the proper manner."
The parents were invited on the final day to witness their children's progress. Lalit Utmani, a parent said, "I am extremely grateful to everyone who was involved in this process. My daughter has improved even beyond my expectations." Fr.Steve Rodrigues, the chief guest remarked, "The performances were exhilarating! Personality builds the person and it is through our personality that we make our place in society." RJ Bosco's parting words were, "It takes great courage to speak to an audience. Kudos to these kids who have done an unbelievably great job."

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