Monday, March 21, 2016


by BIS Correspondent 


HYDERABAD, MAR 21, 2016: The first regional seminar on Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Training and Orientations for Young at Risk Centre's (YaR) in South Asia was organised by Don Bosco Navajeevan, Ramanthapur in Hyderabad between March 14 and 17.


Thirty researchers from YaR sectors along with their director attended the seminar. Day one began with presentations from researchers from 10 YaR centres. Researchers were given 15 minutes to present and discuss their issue.


Father Ajoy Fernandes, Father George Kollashany and Professor Manti were the facilitators for the paper presentation. At the end of day two, all the directors shared their experiences and the importance of PAR.


On day three and four, PAR training and orientations were given to all the researchers. The purpose of the training was to know the progress of each PAR centre and to guide them in their further process. Father TD John also mentioned the importance of participation from the focus group if they want to achieve a success-indicator for the child. A group activity was also conducted and individual feedback was given.

From Mumbai YaR sector, Father Gregory D'Almeida, Director of Shelter Don Bosco and Don Bosco Balprafulta, Reena Bhosle, a care administrator and three researchers, namely, Alisha Parshurami, Jitesh Pillai and Eustace Fernandes attended the seminar.

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